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Stained glass in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Broad Street
Cathedral of St. John
French Huguenot Church, last independent French Calvist church in America
French Huguenot Church
St. Michael's Church - the oldest in Charleston
St. Michael's Church

See why Charleston was dubbed The Holy City. Unlike other colonies, Carolina offered freedom of worship to everyone, including "Jews and Heathens" (except Catholics -- learn why). So many settlers of different denominations arrived and erected houses of worship to dominate the skyline that Charleston soon acquired its most frequently applied nickname.

Walk by impressive steeple towers and through graveyards of landmark Charleston churches. Visit interiors and marvel at the stunning Bavarian stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, the last Catholic cathedral in the United States to receive a spire (yes, Catholics worship in the Holy City now).

Oldest graveyard in Charleston

Together we'll arrange for the most convenient location to begin and end your private excursion in the Old and Historic District in the city of Charleston.
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2 hours and 2 miles
custom by arrangement

$60 individual
$75 couple
$100 for three
$30 per person for four or more

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