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Porgy and Bess &
the Charleston Renaissance

Caatfish Row shops
Catfish Row shops
Marker at house where Dubois Heyward lived
DuBose Heyward House
8 St. Michael's Alley
Drawing by Stephen Herchak

A flowering of literature and visual arts known as "The Charleston Renaissance" occurred here between the World Wars. "Come quickly. Have found heaven" New York artist Alfred Hutty excitedly telegraphed to his wife with his excitement over the picturesque mouldering he found inspiration in here.

And while DuBois Heyward never mentions the name of "the city that time forgot" which was the setting of his masterpiece novel, its inspiration came from the everyday life he witnessed on the street where he lived in his native Charleston. His story so inspired George Gershwin he came from New York to collaborate with the author and create the first American opera, "Porgy and Bess."

See landmark locations from this icon of American literature as well as galleries of artists from Charleston's Golden Age as you enjoy the ambience of a present that echoes a faded past these artist found so captivating.

Present day historic Rainbow Row is the location of the fictional Catfish Row

Together we'll arrange for the most convenient location to begin and end your private excursion in the Old and Historic District in the city of Charleston.
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